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Contentedly supports businesses around the world by creating appealing and relatable content for customers who recognise the importance of fresh, original content that boosts Google rankings, influences brand and social media awareness, and attracts the desired target market.



Why Contentedly?

Experienced Digital Marketers

With more than 6 years of constantly acquiring and applying our knowledge and techniques in the field of SEO, we have developed the key to optimising content.

Unique and engaging content plays an essential role in any digital marketing plan but, unfortunately, many businesses are unable to fulfill this need. Contentedly was created for this purpose. We use your words to share your story with the world. Our team of digital media specialists measure the outcomes and report them to you monthly using the latest industry leading software tools.

Cost Effective

As an enterprise that is practically mindful of costs, Contentedly operates on systems which promote competitive fees. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a superior ROI.

An Industry Leader

As digital marketing shifts to more integrated designs and concepts, Contentedly continues to stay ahead of the pack so that your business is not left behind. Using the latest and most advanced technology available, out team of content, marketing, and design specialists are committed to sharing your story with the right people. We turn your audience into paying customers.


Personalized Marketing is Smart Marketing

In a competitive market, we know that you want your voice to be heard above the crowd. While other companies settle for generic articles, Contentedly shares YOUR story in YOUR words.  

Each month we require only 10 minutes of your time for a quick interview which our team of audio, and online marketing experts will edit and craft into polished radio, video, and readable content to increase your search engine rankings using our link building resources, and proven optimisation process. We measure and record all data and will provide you with a monthly report.

All we need is 10 minutes of your time per month, and then we do all of the hard work for you. It’s only a small amount of time, but a lot of content.


Get the most out of our full strategy package.

 $1450 per month 

For our monthly fee of $1450 we capture your original content using your own words and repurpose it for audio, visual, and video distribution on your website and social media channels to enhance your Google ranking. 

What you get for the price

Each month we will conduct a 10 minute interview with you about your product or service. 

From this interview we will:

  • Broadcast your interview on talkers.fm 
  • Create 1 x 10 min video

  • Create 3 x 1 minute video

  • 1 x 10 minute audio
  • A full transcript
  • Publish your content on all of your social media channels 
  • Provide you with a press release
  • Use key words to optimise views
  • Set up lead generation 
  • Provide you with a weekly audit and report

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Most marketing is now online and every business is impacted by the way potential customers perceive your business online. Even if you have no on-line content, potential customers still make judgements based on the absence of content. The internet is a constantly changing dynamic market, and Google makes judgments about who gets found by potential customers and who does not.

Today, your potential customers are making buying decisions.  Today, Google is deciding who will be shown in the coveted number one position in a search. Today your competitors are publishing content to influence Google’s choice, and today you must do the same.

The battle for exposure to customers on Google, the fight to get and hold their attention, and the struggle to convert them from idle lookers to dedicated buyers is one that begins with the frequent publication of original content and now is the time to start

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